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Bridging the gap between pampering facials and intense aesthetic treatments, medi-facials are a favourite monthly treatment for many clients at Dorset Aesthetics. 

Offering some well deserved 'me time' in a calming environment, this relaxing and rejuvenating multi-treatment offers
a glowing, brighter, softer and smoother complexion, without any downtime.

A bespoke and targeted treatment to meet individual skin needs, a DA Signature Medi-facial combines advanced medical-grade, active ingredients to reduce pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, breakouts and blemishes, and to stimulate collagen production and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

This multi-step treatment is one of the best ways to take care of the skin, preventing, improving and maintaining the health and quality of the skin by accelerating the renewal of skin cells, resulting in a fresher more youthful complexion for longer, compared with a classic facial. 

Clinic Treatments

What to expect during your treatment

A medi-facial always start with consultation, followed by an initial cleanse and an analysis of your skin.  The scrumptious and soothing iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser is then applied to deep cleanse and exfoliate, followed by iS Clinical's Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque, containing organic particles from plant roots, natural fruit enzymes and Brazilian Blood Orange extract to smooth and polish the skin without scrubbing. 

The next step is the application of a superficial peel solution to renew and smooth the skin, stimulate cellular renewal, and reduce breakouts and blemishes. The peel may feel 'spicy', and you may feel a sensation of prickling and itching, which is relieved with a gentle fingertip tapping on the area.  The peel solution is then removed and extractions may be carried out if needed. 


A rejuvenating masque is then applied to soothe, hydrate and cool the skin.  While nutrients feed and calm the skin, a facial massage is performed to aid relaxation and lymphatic drainage. A luxurious and relaxing hot towel removes the masque, and the treatment finishes with the application of bespoke medical-grade skincare products and SPF

When are results noticeable?

You will notice that you skin feels smoother and looks brighter and more radiant immediately after your treatment.  As new skin cells are generated the benefits continue as the skin quality improves. With regular treatments and a good skincare routine you will benefit from continued improvements. 

Treatment Prices

  • Single treatment: £85

  • With 20-minute back, neck & head massage: £115

  • LUXE Signature Medi-facial: with Dermalux Tri-wave MD LED Phototherapy (10-minutes) and 20-minute massage: £125

Please get in touch for more information or to book an appointment

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