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Clinic Treatments

What is Microsclerotherapy?
Microsclerotherapy is the effective treatment for visible leg thread veins. Visible thread veins can be unsightly, and many people feel they need to cover their legs, even in summer.  These small, superficial thread veins or spider veins can be caused by many factors, including lifestyle, varicose veins, pregnancy, hormones, or trauma. They can also be hereditary, or just occur spontaneously.
Thread veins on the face respond well to Lynton IPL treatments. However, the most effective treatment for leg thread veins is microsclerotherapy. Microsclerotherapy involves injecting a prescription solution into the tiny veins using a very fine needle.
We are very fortunate to be able to offer specialist microsclerotherapy clinics at Dorset Aesthetics, with the lovely Gaynor Hughes, owner and director of Aistheta in Crewkerne.  Gaynor is a Registered Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber. A highly experienced aesthetics nurse practitioner, Gaynor is specialist microsclerotherapist, with over ten years’ experience. Gaynor is also a clinical trainer with Cosmetic Courses in Buckinghamshire.
How does it work?
Microsclerotherapy involves injecting a prescription solution into the tiny leg veins using a very fine needle. When thread veins are injected with the solution, the walls of the veins are disrupted or irritated, causing the vein wall to become sticky.  Immediately the vein collapses, and over the next few weeks the body will then reabsorb the treated vein, resulting in disappearance or a great reduction in its appearance. As the healing process takes place the tiny veins may look worse before they get better.
What areas can be treated?
Common areas are the thighs, inside the knees, and the lower part of the legs. Unfortunately, thread veins on the feet and ankles are risky areas due to the complex anatomy of the veins, arteries and nerves.
More than one treatment may be required, and success and longevity of results cannot be guaranteed.

What can I expect during a treatment? 

A full assessment is required at a consultation prior to treatment to assess suitability. At your consultation you will be given details of what to expect and anticipated results and treatment planning. You will not be under any obligation to undergo treatment, and are welcome to just come and ask any questions you may have.
During your consultation an assessment of your legs will be carried out, and a Doppler ultrasound will be used to check for any signs of any underlying issues with the larger veins. The examination may indicate reflux in the larger veins, which in time could lead to varicose veins. Sometimes varicose veins are not always noticeable in everyone. Should an underlying problem be indicated, you will be offered recommendations of vascular surgeons within the area.

What is the appointment process?
1. Consultation.  Measurements taken for compression hosiery.  Treatment plan discussed. Additional treatments may be required, which are carried out 10-12 weeks apart.

2. Treatment
3. A review appointment is arranged for 2-weeks after your treatment.

Is there specific aftercare advice following a treatment?

  • It is advisable to wear your compression hosiery continuously for 48-72 hours following treatment, and then during the day for 2-3 weeks. The compression aids recovery which helps reduce the risk of bruising and swelling, and they also help to prevent any pigmentation or brown discolouration occurring.

  • You can resume to normal daily activities straight away. Activities such as hard impact exercises can be resumed after about a week. 

  • You can fly after about 4-weeks.

  • Avoid leg waxing for 6-weeks.

  • Treatment planning is essential, especially if you have an upcoming special event such as a wedding or holiday. Ideally it is best to start treatment a year before a special event. It may seem like a long time to prepare, but over time you will see a great improvement to the appearance of your legs.

How much does it cost?

  • 1st session £250 (includes compression hosiery)

  • Per subsequent session £200

  • If you wound simply like to find out more about compression hosiery, please get in touch.

Please contact us for further information or to book an appointment

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