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Age spots on hands of Asian elder man. They are brown, gray, or black spots and also calle
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Do you suffer from a specific skin concern that you would like treatment for?  Please have a read below for some information on some common issues, together with possible treatment options. 


Milia are harmless, small, pearly-white bumps just under the surface of the skin.  They are hard little cysts of keratin, a protein that forms hair and nails and protects the skin from damage. They may be harmless, but they can be really annoying!  Thankfully they are easy and simple to remove in the clinic as part of a medi-facial.  Following a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, the area is disinfected and the milia are removed via needle extraction. Due to their superficial location extractions are usually very well tolerated.  Following the treatment there may be redness up to a few hours and some slight pin-prick bruising may occur.  Make-up can be worn after 4-hours.  To book milia extractions follow the booking link and select the Signature Medi-facial.

Sun spots/age spots/superficial pigmentation

Pigmentation on the skin should be examined by a trained medical doctor before treatment.  Superficial pigmentation is usually caused by UV exposure and can be treated with medical-grade skincare, chemical peels, microneedling, mesotherapy and/or Lynton IPL treatments. For fair skins Lynton IPL treatments are very safe, quick and effective.  For darker skin tones medical-grade skincare is usually the safest place to start.  Prices for IPL treatments start from £50 for a small area. 

Congested skin/acne

Acne is usually caused by multiple factors, including hormones, hyperkeratinisation (excessive skin cells block pores), excess sebum/oily skin, skin products, gut health, lifestyle, and stress.  Acne can be very debilitating, and treatments at Dorset Aesthetics aim to reduce breakouts and scarring to restore the health and balance of the skin and the well-being of the sufferer.  Treatments include medi-facials with extractions and superficial peels, Lynton IPL treatments to reduce breakouts and pigmented scarring, and microneedling to treat pitted scarring.  Consultations as always are free and the best place to start your journey.  Often the solution is multi-faceted, so expect a discussion about your cleansing routine, diet, lifestyle and gut health too!

Thread veins

Arrgh!  They're so annoying, aren't they!  If you even sneeze too hard those pesky tiny veins can show up!  Not to worry - at Dorset Aesthetics, Lynton IPL thread vein treatments are quick and simple, and often result in making them vanish again.  Sometimes thread veins can vanish after one treatment, and other times they can take two or three treatments, but usually there is a good result for most people.  Of course, there is no guarantee they won't show up again, but at least you know where to come next time!  Test patches are always needed with a consultation before a full treatment.


The jury is still out on the cause of rosacea, and whether it is caused by inflammation, bacteria, microscopic mites or 'leaky gut', but one thing that is certain, it can be very upsetting for the suffer as it can cause redness, flushing, breakouts and dilated capillaries/thread veins.  As usual at Dorset Aesthetics you can expect a complementary medical and holistic consultation, followed by treatment options, which may include Lynton IPL rosacea treatments to treat flushing and broken capillaries/thread veins (a course of three treatments is usually recommended), a course of Dermalux LED phototherapy to reduce inflammation, redness, and breakouts, medical-grade skincare to heal, soothe and protect the skin, and advice on diet and gut health to reduce inflammation.  

If you have any questions about any specific skin concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  With close connections to other medical colleagues, if we can't help we will know someone who can and will direct you to someone who you can trust to help you. 

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