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What are cosmeceuticals and what benefits do they offer?

The term cosmeceutical is a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical and first coined in 1984 by dermatologist Dr Kligman. Cosmeceuticals differ from off-the-shelf skin care products because they offer therapeutic rather than just cosmetic benefits to the skin, helping to improve congestion, skin tone and texture, fine lines and pigmentation, and helping to prevent age-related changes to the skin.

Cosmeceutical skincare products contain clinical-grade, active ingredients that are scientifically formulated, and these formulations have to undergo rigorous clinical trials to prove their efficacy. The industry isn’t as highly regulated as the pharmaceutical industry, but the difference between cosmeceutical companies and over-the-counter brands is that their claims must be backed by strong clinical evidence.

Most cosmeceutical companies only allow skincare specialists who undergo in-depth and continuous training to sell their products in skin care clinics or medispas. The reason for this is that these products contain the highest concentrations of potent, active ingredients, and it’s important that they are used appropriately so as not to cause any detriment.

At home and in the clinic I use iS Clinical, a leading international cosmeceutical skincare brand. I use iS Clinical because they use the highest quality, pharma-grade botanicals, they're free from nasties such as parabens and SLS, they non-systemic, which means they're safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding clients, and, most importantly, they deliver on their promises. iS Clinical products contain gentle yet very powerful active ingredients and growth factors that really work hard for our skin, and the results speak for themselves. I've spent way too much over the years on skincare products from premium brands that just completely fail to deliver, but I trust iS Clinical to deliver results for both myself and my clients.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how iS Clinical products can help your skin, please get in touch.

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