Causes and Treatments for Sunspots/Agespots

Visible on the most exposed areas of the skin including the face and hands, sun spots, age spots or liver spots are all common names for the medical term ‘solar lentigines’. The clue is in the name, as these flat, brown patches are the result of long-term sun exposure. Ultra-Violet (UV) light triggers melanocyte skin cells to produce melanin to protect the skin, and sun spots are the result of melanocytes producing too much melanin.

Sun spots are not a type of skin cancer, but it can be hard to distinguish between them so it is important to get them checked by a GP or Dermatologist. Using a good quality SPF 30-50 every day will protect the skin from incidental UV exposure, for example, whilst driving.

The good news is that sun spots can be treated. Dorset Aesthetics offers IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments that are very effective at removing sun spots by breaking down the unwanted melanin without breaking the skin. Prices start from £50.

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Gilly Graver, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Dorset Aesthetics

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