What are Omega 3 oils and why do we need them?

Omega 3 oils are important for almost everybody from conception throughout life. Omega 3s, specifically DHA and EPA, are the building blocks of healthy cells and a healthy metabolism. Omega 3s have been found to stabilise the electrical activity of our cell membranes making them less excitable helping the brain and the heart and airways to be healthier, and, importantly, Omega 3s have been found to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation in the body.

Omega 3 helps to protect our bodies from many symptoms and illnesses, including:

· Bones and joints; arthritis · Brain health; Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADHD, · Mental health; depression, psychosis · Heart health · Immune system · Age related vision loss · Fertility · Menopausal symptoms · Chronic fatigue · Cancer · High blood pressure · Fetal development; baby brain · Inflammatory disorders · Diabetes · Stroke · Asthma · Immune system · Allergies · Skin ageing

As important as Omega 3 fatty acids are, it's difficuIt getting enough from the foods we eat, especially as our diets have changed so much. Omega 3s are found in the following foods:

Fish: · Cod livers · Anchovies · Herring · Sardines · Salmon · Trout · Tuna · Mackerel

Vegetables: · Flax · Hempseed · Spirulina · Walnuts · Chia · Radish seeds · Fresh basil · Dark leafy green veg, e.g. spinach

So, as previously mentioned, Omega 3 fatty acids reduce chronic inflammation in the body, but why is this important? Well, we need some inflammation in our bodies in order to fight off infection and to heal and mend wounds, but too much inflammation causes a release of enzymes that are very damaging to our cells, tissues and organs. Omega 6 starts the inflammation sequence and Omega 3 stops it. The problem is, we aren’t getting enough Omega 3 oils from our diets anymore, and we are getting dangerous amounts of Omega 6. We consume Omega 6 in the form of plant oils, which are found in huge volumes in the processed foods that form a large part of our modern diet.

The balance of Omega 6:3 should be around 3:1, but in the UK the average is around 15:1, and in the US the average is 29:1. People who eat really well and already take Omega 3 supplements usually average at around 7/8:1. Taking an Omega 3 supplement is beneficial for most people. But why are some people not in balance if they are already eating well and taking an Omega 3 supplement? Well, the problem is oxidative stress caused in part, again, by our diet.