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What is the iS Clinical Harmony Facial?

Gently awaken the senses and restore a healthy glow and harmony to compromised, fatigued skin with this soothing and revitalising treatment.  Powerful antioxidants, penetrating hydrators and essential nutrients reveal a brighter skin tone and restore vibrancy and resilience to the skin.  This treatment combines a gentle and relaxing hand and arm massage to help relax and restore.

Why 'iS Clinical?

iS Clinical products are medical-grade products that work and as a result, have earned an A-list celebrity following. They are results-driven, clinically-proven, luxury pharma-grade 'active' cosmeceuticals with 95-98% ingredients derived from botanicals. They are non-systemic, meaning that they are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Being pharma or medical-grade, iS Clinical products are only available through approved professional medical and medical aesthetic clinics and practitioners.

What results will I see?

Immediately after treatment the skin looks hydrated and radiant.

How many treatments are required for great results?

This results driven powerful facial will provide immediate benefits.  However, for long-term results and more 'me time', regularly monthly treatments are recommended. 

What is the recovery time following treatment?

  • No downtime

  • The skin may look a little flushed immediately post-treatment

Aftercare following iS Clinical Harmony Facial

  • Makeup can be applied immediately post-treatment

  • Avoid any vigorous activities that will cause you to perspire for 12-hours, as the deep penetrating ingredients will be secreted out of your pores, reducing the effect of the treatment

  • Avoid exfoliation for 1-week

iS Clinical Harmony Facial treatment cost:

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