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NEWA Radio Frequency Device

NEWA is the first FDA approved home use Radio Frequency device that stimulates collagen to treat skin laxity, lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and chin.  A hand-held device, it comes in a lovely presentation box, with skin lifting and tightening gel and a handy travel bag. 

NEWA will tighten, tone, lift and sculpt the cheeks, jaw and neck, and while you'll notice some lifting and tightening after you first start to use NEWA, after around 12-weeks you'll see not only improved and lasting effects, but as the new collagen takes effect you'll also notice an improvement in lines and wrinkles - all from the comfort of your own home, with no downtime!

There is a handy free app that accompanies the device with instructions for use and helpful reminders of when to use it.  And, as Newa is the only FDA approved home use Radio Frequency device you can be assured of it's safety and that it's been stringently tested to deliver what it promises.

Click here to visit the NEWA website. Enter the discount code NEWA004 at the checkout to save ££!

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